Zhentil Keep, also called the Thargate City, is the main base of operation for the Zhentarim. The church of Bane is considered, for all intents and purposes, the state faith of Zhentil Keep. Worship of a select few other deities is tolerated within the city's walls, as evidenced by their scattered temples.Among these shrines and churches are those dedicated to Tymora, Loviatar and Tempus.Any followers of Cyric are officially unwelcome, with a tendency to disappear under mysterious circumstancees if they by some chance make it within the keep.The western portion of the Moonsea region, which includes the city of Zhentil Keep, stretches from the great body of water from which the territory gets its name all the way to the Border Forest in the west, and from the northern fringes of the mighty Cormanthor Forest to the tribal lands of The Ride in the north. The River Stojanow serves as the region's northeastern border, while Yûlash marks its southeastern limit. Most people also consider Voonlar to be part of the region, demarking its extreme southwestern border. Good roads connect many of the communities, with major traffic flowing along the trade triangle of Voonlar, Zhentil Keep, and Teshwave. Another major route leaves Zhentil Keep and passes through Yulash on its way to Hillsfar in the east, while minor roads run to Phlan to the northeast and to the Citadel of the Raven, Zhentil Keep's companion community, to the north. Trade continues south out of the Western Moonsea region and into the Dalelands and points beyond.

Within the Western Moonsea, two geographic features dominate the landscape -- the River Tesh and the Dragonspine Mountains. The river, which flows from Dagger Falls near the northern tip of the Desertsmouth Mountains, serves as a major trade route, particularly between Teshwave and Zhentil Keep. The Dragonspine Mountains bisect the region from the southwest to the northeast and provide many valuable raw resources as an enticement to the entrepreneurs attempting to carve civilization out of the wild places. Though far from being the largest or tallest mountains in Faerûn, the Dragonspines are rugged and often bitterly cold throughout the year, making them a danger to even the hardiest explorers.

In between these landmarks, the Western Moonsea region features miles of bleak grasslands and moors no one dares travel across alone. A few farms lie scattered throughout, but most people with any sense stay close to the cities and towns, where protection from marauding monsters is readily available. While the Western Moonsea has the greatest concentration of population of any part of the region, this doesn't mean there are folks packed shoulder to shoulder anywhere. Its vast reaches are filled with ancient ruins, dank tombs, remnants of civilizations old even by elven standards, and scores of bloodthirsty humanoids and even more hazardous beasts.