Sometimes a city sometimes a battlefield.

The city of Yulash has recently recovered from a war. The coveted jewel fought over by Hillsfar and Zhentil Keep and lost to both as the Church of Bane wrestled control over the council by wars end. open bloodshed is rarely seen but can be heard of in the back alleys of the city. The Yulash Council seeks to repair the damage done while building Yulash into a great power. While Bane's clergy may have voices in the ears of many of the city elite, not all bend knee to the lord of strife whom hold power and Harpers are rumoured to work with their allies in quiet rooms seeking to steer the city to a balanced existence and offer respite to those outside the walls.

While nonhumans are not turned away its wise for those whom do not fit the mostly human mold to keep a low profile as there is a robust market of slave trade both east and west that is a great source of coin to the city's coffers.

Yulash holds a valuable point in trade as many cross roads and a deepwater harbor are protected from its plateau.