Tezrakk. (Once known as Kriegnar)

Common Statistics Edit

Race:Half Orc

Age: (28) Born 28 Eleint, 1353 DR. Year of the Arch

Height: 6'10"

Weight: 325 lbs.

Hair: Black.

Skin Tone: Tanned and weathered.

Skin Texture: Rough and scarred from ritual and battle.

Eye Color: Grey

Accent: Slight orcish

Recognizable Features: Long hair and heavy scarring on his face and body. Always scowling.

Spoken Languages: Common, orcish.

Left or Right Handed: Right handed.

Deity: Unknown.

Class: Fighter/ Dragon Devotee/ Man-at-Arms

Alignment: CE

Relatives: None still alive. His two infant sons died in the final days of Yulash.

Background Edit

"Are you a hero?." "I've been called a lot of things but hero was never one of 'em." - Tezrakk's answer to young bard's question.

Tezrakk/ Kriegnar is a half-orc born somewhere in the gray land of Thar from the union between the orc war-chief of the Back Spears Kriegnar the Usurper and the kidnapped merchant daughter Tallessa of Ordulin. He had many half brothers and sisters but only one other brother born to his mother, a twin named Hexcor. Tallessa raised her two sons as human-like as was possible, teaching them how to speak the common tongue as well as read and write it. Tezrakk was given the name Vrigdishnak when born but later took the name of his father, as was custom for the last of his father’s line to do.

When Tezrakk was fifteen years of age supporters of a rival named Gordishnak killed his father in a power struggle for control of the tribe. With Tezrakk’s father dead Gordishnak became war-chief and subsequently condemned the old war-chief’s family to death to prevent any future retribution. With the help of warrior’s still loyal to Tezrakk’s father, Tezrakk and Hexcor escaped and headed east.

After struggling to survive for almost eight years in the wilderness of Thar and the Galena Mountains the brothers made their way to the southern Moonsea region. Finding most towns and cities to be hostile towards them, they continued west until they reached Maiden’s Loss. While Tezrakk stayed in the woods near Maiden’s Loss, Hexcor went to the town of Yulash. While there, Hexcor ran afoul of the law and was arrested for uttering threats to a woman named Alana. Tezrakk arrived the following day and discovered his brother imprisoned. Hexcor reassured his brother that it was temporary as he had a friend on the council that would see him released. At the time Yulash was on edge as only days earlier orcs aided by the towns half-orc militia had attacked the town killing many civilians. When the former guard captain, Nergal was accused and later found innocent of being a traitor the citizens rioted. The jail was attacked and many half-orc prisoners were killed by the angry mob including Hexcor.

Following the death of his brother, Tezrakk led small bands of orcs into the Cormanthor and earned a reputation as a brutal enemy of the elven people. This reputation spread among orc tribes and powerful and evil organizations like the Zhentarim. The attacks on elves culminated in Tezrakk leading an ill fated attack on the elven watchtower. Despite early success by Tezrakk's orc army the arrival of reinforcements and elven heroes including Cerin and Valin turned the tide and Tezrakk's army was routed.

After his crushing defeat at the watchtower Tezrakk slowly rebuilt his army, during this time he joined forces with the orc chieftain Vugdush and began recruiting orc tribes to join with Vugdush. In the months that followed Tezrakk began to drift away from Vugdush as he learned that the chieftain was serving the witch king Zhengyi. Realizing that the true enemy was Zhengyi, Tezrakk joined with his former enemies in defending the lands around the Moonsea.

As the forces of Zhengyi advanced towards Yulash Tezrakk learned that his two infant sons had been killed by the undead horde only a few miles from Yulash. Tezrakk rarely speaks of his family or loss however. Tezrakk was among several heroes that ventured into the city of the dead Old Yoo-Lash in the final desperate attempt to stop the forces of the dead. Little is known of what happened in that ancient city as few of the heroes that were there talk about it. The stories that remain tell of the warrior once known as Kriegnar slaughtering all his companions before making his escape into the mists.

How many years Tezrakk wandered the mists is uncertain. He claims to have fought a great dragon during this time and was mortally wounded during the battle. While lying there in his blood unable to move Tezrakk claims the dragon healed him infusing some of it's essence in him. As payment for this gift Tezrakk served the dragon for what he believes is three years before the dragon released him.

When Tezrakk emerged from the mists he had found the reputation of Kriegnar had preceded him. Young warriors were eager to prove themselves in battle against him and would-be heroes looked to slay the murderous monster who killed the true heroes of Yulash. Realizing it was a matter of time before someone would finally kill him Kriegnar changed his name to Tezrakk, a variation of the name of the dragon who defeated him in the mists.

Tezrakk's name has become well known in both Mistriven Falls and Fellhurst though how he is thought of varies from person to person. To some he is a hero that is a savior for the people who at times does acts of extreme savagry out of necessity. To others he is an opportunistic barbarian that occasionally helps people only to help himself and his purse.

Base Ability Scores / Skills Edit

Strength 24 : Tezrakk's physical strength is far beyond the average human or orc.

Dexterity 12 : Tezrakk is of above average agility and quickness. Surprising for one of his size.

Constitution 18 : Tezrakk's harsh life and orcish blood have given him incredible stamina and ability to absorb punishment.

Intelligence 10 : Although Tezrakk is of average intelligence compared to humans, he is surprisingly articulate and well read.

Wisdom 8 : Tezrakk's temper and bloodlust often get in the way of him making wise decisions.

Charisma 10 : Among humans Tezrakk can seem gruff and rude but among orcs he is considered a true leader. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Discipline : Years of combat have made Tezrakk virtually immovable and difficult to rattle in combat.

Intimidate : Tezrakk's fearsome appearance and commanding personality mean that only the strongest of warriors will dare face him.

Heal : Surviving at a relatively young age with only his brother at his side for several years meant Tezrakk had to learn how to bind wounds and treat sickness and poisons.

Abilities Edit

"What do I do? Heh! I hurt things that breathe and ones that don't too." - Tezrakk

Despite his brutish appearance, Tezrakk is surprisingly intelligent and articulate for a half-orc. He uses his great axe and strength to devastating effect in battle and has a strong understanding of military tactics and strategy. He is skilled in all melee weapons but usually prefers heavy weapons designed for maximum damage. Among orcs he is a natural leader and his prowess in combat as well as his intimidating personality make him feared by friend and foe alike. His lust for power and his greed often make him sucseptible to the will of others however as he is willing to do almost anything to see his ambitions are realized.

Appearance Edit


Tezrakk the Warmonger

Tezrakk stands nearly seven feet tall and weighs well over three hundred pounds. He is powerfully muscled but moves with an agility that is surprising for one his size. His long black hair that he keeps pulled from his face is streaked with premature silver and his skin is bronzed and leathery from constant exposure to the elements. He has a sullen expression at most times and the numerous scars that cover his face and neck exaggerate his fearsome countenance. On his right bicep written in elaborate script in the common tongue are the words "Born to Kill, Ready to Die." He keeps his armor and massive great axe well maintained and his fingers end in razor sharp talons. All in all an intimidating figure.

Personality Edit

"Just want to let you know, you are one tough son-of-a-bitch." - Sol'murss Autumnleaf before Tezrakk then known as Kriegnar buried his axe in the drow's back.

Tezrakk is known to anger easily and quickly resorts to violence in confrontational situations. He is surprisingly articulate for a half-orc and is somewhat educated. Tezrakk seems to be motivated by power and glory and seems to care little how he achieves it. He shows little remorse when killing and feels the end justifies the means. He has lost any faith in gods in the years he wandered the mists and at times seems haunted by things that happened in the final days of Yulash. Since the fall of Yulash and his years in the mists Tezrakk has become even more of a loner then he was before. He makes and has few if any true friends. Those who he seems friendly with he likely views as useful soldiers or allies and little more.



Erebus the Black Skald




Borag the Worm


Vale Darkspur

Erebus the Black Skald: A singer of dirges and herald of death. Erebus has an almost chalk like pallor and prematurely grey hair but is an extremely charismatic individual who is polite to a fault in public but in private he is a selfish, violent man who has difficulty controlling his temper. He is drawn to Tezrakk's service because of his reputation of brutality and coin.

Kragg: A huge half-orc and former Yulash guard, Kragg was an enthusiastic participant in the failed revolt of that city seven years ago. He escaped Yulash justice and joined with the Meatmasher tribe where he became a devout worshipper of Gruumsh in the months between the revolt and the fall of Yulash eventually becoming a priest for the One-eyed God. Upon seeing Tezrakk and recognizing him as the infamous Kriegnar, Kragg decided to join him in hopes of gaining power and wealth.

Borag the Worm: Beneath the leacherous, lying and despicable exterior of this hin is a sadistic and thoroughly evil murderer and thief. Borag betrayed Tezrakk and Yulash years ago by recruiting many of his orc soldiers to the side of Zhengyi before the fall of the city. Finding Zhengyi a poor master, Borag, ever the opportunist has somehow pleaded and lied his way back to Tezrakk's side though it is doubtful he is trusted by him.

Alexander De La Rosa: Alexander is one of the leaders of the Crimson Blade Mercenary Company and likely one of the few men Tezrakk relies on. He is a master of disguise and in gathering information.

Vale Darkspur: This quiet unassuming woman is seen rarely and when she is it it is often at Tezrakk's side. She is a member of the Crimson Blades where she uses her bow and stealth for their purposes as well as her own.

Chaelvin: Tezrakk and the red headed wizard Chaelvin are opposites in many ways. Chaelvin is always diplomatic, polite and well-versed, while Tezrakk is not. Yet the two are often seen together and are members of the Crimson Blade Mercenary Company. Secretly Tezrakk views Chaelvin's friendships with those that distrust him as potentially useful.

Sol'murss Autumnleaf: The mysterious drow and half-orc share a mutual respect for each other. Sol admires Tezrakk's fearlessness and ferocity while Tezrakk admires Sol's skill with blades and his intelligence.

Noc Wylan Amilcnam: Noc is another mystery to Tezrakk. Admiring Noc's courage and willingness to do what must be done yet disdaining his emotional outbursts and depression. Tezrakk believe's Noc's elven mate and other elves have too much influence over him.

Valin Llanowar: There is no one Tezrakk hates more then Valin. It has been suggested the reasons go beyond the fact that Valin is an elf or that he was involved in his defeat at the watchtower all those years ago or the contempt Valin shows for him still. Some believe that Tezrakks hatred is because the half-orc once feared the elf and now wants the reminder of his shame destroyed forever.

Michael Von Wolfhausen: Tezrakk hates most religous sects and churches but none earn his disdain more then the followers of Sune. As a Ruby Rose knight, Michael is someone Tezrakk should hate but after Michael proved a useful ally in a recent adventure Tezrakk does not hold him in the same contempt as he once did.

Cerin Te'les: At one time the elven druid was Tezrakk's most hated enemy. Time has changed that and Tezrakk now has a grudging respect for Cerin's wisdom and leadership even though he feels he takes too long to make a decision.

Dawn Darkmoon: Like most paladins Tezrakk dislikes the high morality she places on her actions. He realizes Dawn probably dislikes him and finds her cheery smile to him a condescending gesture.

Kashir Brathand: Despite only knowing this knight a short time, Tezrakk has begun to resent the influence Kashir has over many of the younger adventurers in Mistriven and the town itself. Tezrakk views him as a potential adversary who is not to be taken lightly.

Cadius Eldanesh: Tezrakk despises Cadius' mouth as Cadius seems to intentionally get under the half-orc's skin. Secretly however Tezrakk admires the elf's foolhardy courage.

Elle & Thomas Menson: Tezrakk's hatred of Elle and her son have little to do with anything they have done to him. His hatred is for her dead husband Arcturus and the fact Tezrakk's brother Hexcor was working for him when Hexcor was in the Yulash jail and killed by a mob. The death of Arcturus has not changed Tezrakk's need for vengeance. He has only shifted it to those that Arcturus loved most.

Ben: Perhaps more then anyone else Ben is a mystery to Tezrakk, uncertain whether he is a potential ally or foe. He respects Ben's skills in battle however and his independance.

Nekori Von Wolfhausen: On the surface Nekori seems little more to Tezrakk then someone to bully and Tezrakk has little use for most Sunites. Yet there are moments when the half-orc seems like he's trying to raise the young catfolk to be what he thinks a man should be.

The Crimson Blades Edit

Crimson Blades

Crimson Blade Coat of Arms

The Crimson Blades or The Crimson Blade Mercenary Company are a loose organization of sellswords who serve as guards and adventurers-for-hire. They have cultivated a reputation as heroes and to many of the common people they are but rumors persist of close ties with local thieves guilds as well as tales of some members hiring out as assassins and thugs. It is believed they have been involved in banditry and possibly kidnapping but there has been no evidence to prove such claims. The leaders are said to be Tezrakk, Alexander De La Rosa and possibly Chaelvin. The number of members or "Blades" as they are often known is believed to be around 20 but possibly more.

Important Items, and Lore Edit

Carnage: The great axe said to have been found in old Yulash. In Tezrakk's hands this weapon causes massive damage.

Bonebreaker: A dwarven waraxe that deals massive damage against the undead as it causes bone rattling damage.

Belt of the Vile Myrmidon: A "gift" given by a mysterious priest of Talos to ais him in spreading chaos. The price for the gift is said to have been the blood of innocents. Those who have seen the belt say it is lined with wicked barbs that bite into the flesh of the wearer.

Kriegnar's reputation: In the years since Yulash fell into ruin and the towns of Mistriven Falls and Fellhurst rose the name Kriegnar lived on in infamy and for this reason Kriegnar changed his name to Tezrakk. Stories of the brutal betrayal of his companions and the those seen as the true heroes of the Moonsea spread. Many believe the monstrous half-orc killed the heroes Cerin, Sol, Valin, Michael, Dawn and others in an attempt to gain favour from Zhengyi or Orcus and to this day former Ruby Rose knights and Dawnbringers seek justice. For the most part few know what the half-orc known as Kriegnar looked like but every once in awhile someone will suspect or even recognize him and sometimes act on this by attacking him or telling others. (DMs are welcome to set up encounters both RP and fighting on this basis anytime.)

The Axe of Kriegnar the Executioner: The fate of the fabled axe Kriegnar used to slaughter his companions in the last moments of Yulash is unknown. Some say it was lost in the mists and when the mists fed on the blood of the heroes on the axe it transformed it into a weapon of vile evil. Others say the forces of Zhengyi discovered the great axe and that an orc general now wields it.

OOC Information Edit

Tezrakk/ Kriegnar is inspired by several movie/comic characters. The violent murderous urges and morality of Marv from Sin City. The rough do what has to be done attitude of Hellboy. The savage cunning, intellect and leadership of Conan the Barbarian (From the R. E. Howard stories and early comics) and the ambition and ruthlessness of Khan from Star Trek The Wrath of Khan.

The name Tezrakk is a variation on the Aztec god of Hell Tezlatipoca and the Armenian Goddess of War Tezrian.