The Shining One, The Master of Blades
Tethrin Veraldé
Title The Shining One, The Master of Blades
Portfolio Bladesingers and Swordsmanship
Domains Healing, Knowledge, Protection, Sun, War(See Citation)
Favored Weapon Longsword(See Citation)
Alignment NG
Holy Symbol A long and short sword lying parallel to each other on a disk, their blade tips angled toward the upper left; a quarter moon lies above the swords while a full moon lies underneath.
Cleric Alignment

Tethrin the Shining One is the patron god of Bladesingers and Swordsmen, and is apparently the son of both Corellon Larethian and Sehanine Moonbow, though only recently has he begun to develop a following among the elves.


An adventurous, strident god, he believes in the power of elven blades and magic to win the day, and likewise encourages his followers to use such to protect and further the elven cause.


Tethrin's holy days are in fact held on the same day as Sehanine Moonbow and Corellon Larethian's, whereupon they give thanks for the blessed union which brought forth Tethrin.

Also, once a month a special day is held in which to show off their fighting skills and attempt to bring in new convents. Known as Tethrin's Match, it usually brings a healthy amount of attention, and generally succeed in their efforts.

Already there are several orders of bladesingers and warriors' guilds that are dedicated to him. As for what the clergy wear during the holy days, the generally stick to blue and silver robes, though they're favored for usein everyday situations as well.

Allied and Enemy DeitiesEdit

Tethrin has few enemies save Lolth (who would like to deal a personal blow to Corellon Larethian and Sehanine Moonbow by slaying him) and the Faerunian drow demipower Selvetarm (he may have been sent by Lolth to kill Tethrin, though it failed). Oerth, he gained the ire of Hextor by helping Heironeous settle some matters there, and so he must watch out for him. Still, if he were slain, Corellon Larethian would reinstate him, so his worries are somewhat alleviated.

Tethrin spends much of his time on Arvandor, he shares Tethridar with the goddess Kirith Sotheril, his lover and confidant. It's a small but pleasant place, complete with a large copse of trees as well as a fruit orchard. There amid the trees and oped field, followers of his who died continually practice and hone their skills.(See Citation)



Citation: Text is taken form Dragon #236, page 17 & 25.

  • Location of Tethridar changed to accomadate setting.
  • Favored Weapon chosen to match his father, none existed.
  • Domains were decided by matching his specialty priests Major Spheres entry.