The Sisters of Saint Penelope

The Sisters of St Penelope are a small local order of monistic Ilmatarian priestesses who specalize in relieving the suffering of women who have lost husbands and sons to war. Their order is made exclusively of women and they are based out of Maiden's Loss.

Most of the Order have lost husbands or sons, but this is not a requirement for membership.

In the center of the picture above, we see Sister Joan, the leader of this order. Sister Joan is in her late thirties and has lost both a husband and son to the constant warfar with the Zhents.

Behind the Sisters above is the Fountian of Health, a holy artifact created by Saint Penelope and blessed by Ilmater. Drinking from the waters of the fountian can heal most wounds. The potency of the water is short lived out of the fountian, however. If anyone tried to bottle the water, the potion would loose its magic in a matter of minutes.

The sisters do know of a way to bottle and refine these holy waters while keeping its potency. All can purchase these refined waters in the marketplace where Sister Sandy sells potions everyday from dawn to dusk. All proceeds go to funding of the Moonkiss hospital which the sisters run within their wing of House of the Triad.