Common Statistics Edit


Symbol of Eilistraee

Race: Half-drow

Origin: Underdark - Old Shanatar - Dyon G'ennivalz (supposed to be located somewhere in the Middledark under Calimshan)

Skin: pale grey
Hair: snow white
Eye Color: blue, like blond humans often have
Clothing: usually midnight blue clothing with white, that reminds of a full moon night
Weapons: she is training to learn the use of two circle blades (wind wheels)

Spoken Languages: Undercommon, Drow, Common, Elven, Alzhedo, Chondathan, Cant
Deity: Eilistraee
Mother: a human slave of the drow
Father: a drow from a minor underdark city
Class: sneaky / bard

Character traits: habits, behaviour and knowledge Edit

She dislikes caverns that remind her of the underdark and remind her of her past.
She is afraid of whips and hates spiders.

Base Ability Scores Edit

Strength: Her strength is absolutely average.
Dexterity: She is quite nimble and quick.
Constitution: She is not particularly resilient.
Intelligence: She is relatively well spoken and smart.
Wisdom: She is not particularly strong willed, but can be quite observant.
Charisma: She is a good dancer and flute player.

Skills and Tricks Edit

She is a remarkable dancer.

Background Edit

Her mother was a slave to a minor house of drow in Dyon G'ennivalz. Kyoni spent her youth there, watching, she was told to keep watch wherever her masters told her, mostly guard cattle. When she was twelve years old her mother died after being beaten very hard. The drow had wanted some fun. Kyoni was shocked and scared like she had never been in her life, so scarred she actually searched quietly for a way to flee.

Her search for escape led her to a group of priestesses of Eilistraee, who helped her flee to the surface. She stayed a bit with the Dark Maiden's who taught her to dance and play flute as well as mix her dance with fighting. But she could not stay so close to that entrance of her torments, she asked to leave the dark maidens even though she had no way to pay them for the help they had provided.

The sisters told her she should travel to a region called Moonsea and a city called Elventree, where she could find someone called "Aly'Faerae, from the order of the Sword Dancers".

On her way to Elventree she earned money as she could, performing in taverns to pay a bed for the night. In Crimmor, one town she stopped, she got into trouble with a thieves guild as they considered only members were allowed to perform and beg for money. She managed to cut a deal with them and she worked for them a little while before taking the road again.

After months of travel she finally reached the Moonsea...