Hillsfar is a powerful city-state led by the wizard Maalthiir. Located on the southern coast of the Moonsea, the city is heavily involved with trade in the region, acting as a hub for cities and settlements in the surrounding area.

Image: Wizards of the Coast

Although the city of Hillsfar is ruled by the iron fist of Maalthiir, there are two standing great laws.

  • Great Law of Trade: Do not interfere with any legitimate trade.
  • Great Law of Humanity:Only humans are allowed within Hillsfar.

Although Hillsfar is a walled city, fortified with a steel gate,it is the military force of the Red Plumes who ensure the city's security from foreign forces. Although they technically operate autonomously, they are in fact another extension of Maalthiir's reach.

Although trade in the Moonsea is typically carried out through rivalries and competition, almost all the goods of the region pass through Hillsfar in the hands of middlemen and intermediary merchants.

Hillsfar was once under the extended rule of the Elven Court but in 1358 DR Maalthiir overthrew their representatives using blackmail and fear of violence. He then declared himself the First Lord, a position with absolute military power, which he retained through the violent mercenary group known as the Red Plumes. Extending his own xenophobic tendencies, Maalthiir then banned all non-humans from the city,the few who remain are assumed to be slaves that permanently live within the city.