The Guards of Maiden's Loss and MoonkissEdit


the two in the center with the blue tablards are officers and the other two are common foot solders

Inspired by the example of the Purple Dragon Knights of Cormyr, the Golden Phoenixes are the standing army of Moonkiss and are based out of Fort Maiden's Loss. Just as the Purple Dragons worship a variety of deities and come from a variety of backgrounds, so do the Golden Phoenixes. While most worship the Morninglord and are members of the Order of Aster, many are worshipers of the Triad and could also be a member of the Triad's various knightly orders. A few are even worshipers of Helm, Sune, Chauntea, Mystra, or any other goodly deity.

The Phoenix represents rebirth, a concept close to the heart of most Lathander faithful. Gold represents the golden future which is vision the knights have for Moonsea region. The deep blue background represents the deep true blue honor of the Triad.

The Golden Phoenix, backed by honor and truth, rises up to give birth to new hope for the Moonsea. The Golden Phoenixes fight for a future free of oppression and tyranny. They fight for a future where all goodly men and women can live and work free to realize their fullest potential if they so choose. This is the vision all the soldiers and knights of the Golden Phoenix rally around. This is their vision.

Ranks Edit

The ranks of the Golden Phoenix go as follows:

Enlisted ranks: Edit

  • Foot solder
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant

Officer Ranks: Edit

  • Squire
  • Knight
  • Knight Captain
  • Lord of Moonkiss

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