Lady of Mystery
Dallah Thaun
Title Lady of Mystery
Portfolio Intermediate goddess of secrets, guile, thieves and rogues, acquisition of wealth and death
Domains Chaos, Knowledge, Luck, Trickery
Favored Weapon Dagger
Alignment CN
Holy Symbol A purse full of coin
Cleric Alignment

Attention: Non-Halflings do NOT know about this goddess unless specifically allowed and told by the responsible DM/Admin.


Dallah Thaun, the Lady of Mysteries, is Yondalla's dark, hidden aspect. She is the great secret of the halfling race, who do not share knowledge of Dallah Thaun with outsiders. She was physically split from Yondalla when she created (or discovered) the halfling race, but she and Yondalla are still one being. What one knows, the other knows, and those that worship Dallah Thaun are also worshipping Yondalla (and vice versa).

Dallah Thaun is Chaotic Neutral, and considered an intermediate goddess. She is represented with dark hair and eyes, and dresses all in black. Dallah Thaun, on her rare manifestations, appears as a female halfling clad in a dark hooded cloak, a dagger strapped to her waist just visible underneath it. Shadows seem to gather around her, making her harder to see clearly.

Where Yondalla nurtures the survivors of a tragedy, Dallah Thaun seeks vengeance. Where Yondalla the Provider creates fertility and plenty, Dallah Thaun urges the halflings to seek wealth. Dallah Thaun, in short, does the dirty work, while Yondalla keeps her hands clean. Dallah Thaun is the goddess of secrets, lies, half-truths, flattery, manipulation, stealth and aggressive, active defence. She prefers to strike potential enemies before they can cause any damage, often through underhand means, but if enemies do strike she will seek vengeance with passion. The two halves of the goddess do not, and cannot quarrel over their respective methods, different as they may be. They are the same person, with each fulfilling her respective role.


Do not reveal Dallah Thaun's existance to any non-halfling.



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