Common Statistics Edit

Dags teh red Race: TROLL (of death and peons!)

Age: Unkown (fully adult)

Height: Eight foot five

Weight: Over 400lbs

Hair: Black

Skin Tone: Green, though mostly red (see below)

Eye Color: black

Accent: Trollish

Recognizable Features: *is a troll*

Spoken Languages: Common, orcish, giant, a few others i wont say

Left or Right Handed: can use both hands with ease

Deity: Grummesh / Malar

Class: Ultimate ranger

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Relatives: Unkown

Base Ability Scores Edit

Strength (over 25): Like all trolls dags is overly strong

Dexterity (over 25): Unlike other trolls dags seems to move with a somewhat unnatural trollish grace

Constitution (over 25): Dags is a troll, what did you expect?

Intelligence (14): For a troll dags is epically smart!

Wisdom (8): Why does a troll need to be wise, they just crush what ever is in front of them

Charisma (6): "You have seen nicer looking things in chamber pots"

Statistics Edit

Female Troll, Ultimate ranger (12) CE huge troll. Favored enemies are all topside races (human/elves/dwarfs etc etc)

General Character Information Edit

Appearance Edit

Even for a troll dags looks like she lucked out at birth for this part. Her title name "the red one" comes from the blood of her victims, she can almost always be seen drenched head to toe in their blood and she wears their innards like jewelry.

Personality Edit

Dags is smart, but is still a troll. Either you have booze on you for her to drink, or your tonight's dinner. Dags fears nothing except fire....and JO, but it has to be a significant amount to prevent her from rending you. Holding a tortch around will just land you without the torch and the arm holding it.

Background Edit

Dags originates from the meatmasher Orc tribe off mondar road. She has always been smart even from birth, and quickly learned how to stalk her prey. So many years of hunting have put her far ahead of other trolls and orcs. If dags is stalking you your already dead. Dags does have one fatal flaw...she loves the booze. She has even been known to let victims walk off after they hand over vast amounts of the liquid.

Dags hates elves above all other races, especially cerin. Dags will ally herself with anyone as long as it means she can kill them, she trades even with the drow in the underdark, and has done for many years under a "pact/truce" they allow her access to their stores and their drinking halls on the understanding their patrols stop going missing. She has in the past also worked with Illithiad and durger capturing topsiders for use as slaves for them

Nothing knows the underdark around the moonsea as well as dags.

Important Items, and Lore Edit

Little is know of dags, Very few bards tales or documents written by sages exist. Most believe those that went to write their tales now reside in her gut.

OOC Information Edit

Can you say ROAR? well, can you punk?