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Race: Human

Age: 22

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 190 lbs, good physique

Hair: Black

Skin Tone: Average human, not to dark.

Skin Texture: Leaning more to the rough side

Eye Color: Brown

Accent: Dalelands

Recognizable Features: None especially

Spoken Languages: Common, has, capacity to learn more.

Dominant hand: Left

Deity: Lathander

Class: Paladin/Man At Arms

Alignment: Lawful Good

Relatives: Grant Swiftblade(Age 50, Father) Lara Swiftblade (Age 49, mother), Trent (brother, Age 29),, Anya (Sister, Age 28), Alan (brother, Age 26), Tina (sister, age 24)

Ability Scores Edit

Strength (16): (Exceptional) Cliff is fairly muscled (though, not overly so.) It is obvious that he keeps in shape, and has no trouble moving around in his usual fullplate. A good amount of his gear also helps in this regard.

Dexterity (12): (Slightly above average) While he is not a dancer, in terms of fighting, knows how to incorporate some semblance of movement into the steel he's usually wearing.

Constitution (12): (Slightly above average) While he has worked mostly on technique, his ability to take hits sometimes leaves things to be desired. However, he knows this as well, and takes steps to protect himself.

Intelligence (14): (above average) Thanks to his father's good standing as a mercenary, and weapons instructor for the Triad, Cliff and his siblings were well-schooled, and it shows on all of the siblings.

Wisdom (12): (Slightly above average) Has a fair amount of insight, being taught to see things from all sides before soming to a decision. Sometimes, however, is impulsive.

Charisma (14): (Above average) Has a force of personalty that is hard to dislike. Comes off as kind-mannered and usually energetic

Statistics Edit

Male Paladin(9), Man At Arms(1)

LG Medium Human

Init +1;




Saving Throws:

Speed: .

Melee (Usual)

Base Atk:

Frequent Combat Gear:




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