This elven village is known as Velethuil to its inhabitants and Bristar (a compression from “Brightstar,” I am told) to humans. Its moon elves consider themselves part of the Dale and comprise the stalwart archers of Oak Company of the Swords of Deepingdale (the name of the army). Those same deadly arrows defend Bristar against brigands, monsters—and unwanted intrusions.

Travelers should note that non-Deeping humans are neither wanted nor welcomed here. As one grim elf put it to me, “You have the rest of Faerûn to walk about in—leave us this small stretch of woods and get you gone!”

That attitude is one good reason not to visit Bristar, and the complete lack of trade is another. Unless a trader brings a cart of good ash spars for bows or straight yew wands for the making of arrows—which win a grudging welcome—the elves do not want to buy or sell anything. They make potent mint and berry wines and grow enough forest plants to feed themselves and to spare, but they want nothing to do with humans and run people off with arrows if they persist in nosing around.

There is good reason to go west of Bristar: the hauntingly beautiful Lake Eredruie, source of the Glaemril (more of a small pool than a lake, actually). Bristar, on the southeastern shore, overlooks its dark, calm waters. The elves believe the lake can heal and that it is sacred to Labelas Enoreth: Elves who bathe in it can gain extra years on Faerûn - —once.

(courtesy of Volo's Guide to the Dalelands)

Bristar Ruling Council

Bristar is ruled by a council of 5 elders with one being the leader of the council who has the authority to make Executive Orders when there is no time to have a consensus. These orders can be overruled by the council. This does not happen very often as the council is usually very thorough and takes their time in making all decisions. The council members currently are:

  • High Elder Keya Marthquel

CG Moon Elf female, 18 Cleric of Corellon, Age 345

  • Elder Alondel Leafrunner

NG Moon Elf Male, 10 Sorceror/ 5 Ranger/ 5 Arcane Archer, Age 234 - Commander of Bristar’s famous sorcerer/ranger militia

  • Elder Shanes Moonwhisperer

LN Moon Elf Male, 18 Wizard, Age 569

  • Elder Fuzzy Luckfoot

TN Hin Male, 10 Rogue/5 Fighter, Age 92 - Is rumored to be close to retirement

  • Elder Sam McDoogal

NG Hin Male, 15 Bard, Age 57